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Against the world

Against...Stand against the world!

Why and what the fuck, when have you had enough

Pushed to the edge of suicidal thoughts

Don't do that shit, your gunna wanna live

For your will and cause, stand against the world.

Fuck all the preachers, prophets and gurus

Celebrity culture that they pray too

Fuck all the fake shit, fuck you and slaveship

Fuck your narcissistic old world order

Don't pray for it, don't need that shit

No sympathy, no fucking quarter

So make a choice, lets hear your voice

Unite and stand, against the world.

"Contra mundum is Latin for “against the world”. It denotes defiance of general opinion; persevering in the teeth of universal criticism, discouragement and hostility; standing against everything and everyone. It’s associated with absolute but proud isolation, and often goes with fierce, unbreakable spirit, determination and principle. The term is often applied to mavericks, outsiders, renegades, heretics, freethinkers, blasphemers, apostates, radicals, dreamers, rebels, revolutionaries, all those who refuse to compromise, all those who refuse to accept the status quo. It means to defy everyone, to stand against everyone no matter what, to be resolute in the face of universal opposition and condemnation.
-Adam Weishaupt, Contra Mundum

Are you dissatisfied with the old paradigm? Have you have enough of being a slave? Working shit jobs for shit pay, day in day out, the same old routine of mind numbing repetition until the day you die? Fuck that! Are you sick of being trodden on by super rich self serving pigs feeding themselves off the work of the people while millions struggle to find food and shelter? Fuck them! Are you tired of conforming to the social conditioning of religious faith, political correctness and peer review? Fuck that! Fuck the Old World Order ! Contra Mundum ! Hyperianism is Contra Mundum! We are changing the world, we are uniting under the sacred banner of logic,reason and mathematics. The time is now, stand with us, be heard, be fierce, the New World Order is here, now. The new age of Hyperhumanity. The Hyperian age.


The book on the right reveals in great detail the how and why we live is such a fucked up old world system. This system only serves the super rich privileged elite. This is a "freedom" planet for the minority and a prison planet for the majority.
The book on the left is the new world system that will replace the old and transform humanity into a community of God's. This system serves the people. A true freedom planet for the majority and a prison planet for minority.