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              Our review of Ontological Mathematics; The Science of the Future.


In the film the matrix the blue pill represents ignorance, the red pill represents truth.
This is a “red pill” book.
Ontological mathematics requires an open minded approach yet is grounded in solid principles such as Occam’s razor and the PSR (The Principle of Sufficient Reason). Morgue outlines these philosophical foundations which are clearly defined and easy to understand. Ontological mathematics is presented in such a simple and elegant manner that everyone can benefit. Yet only requires minimum math know-how, so don’t panic! Again, clear and easy to understand. Ontological mathematics is the science of the future. There is nowhere left to go, nothing else can answer the big question. Eastern and western religion have failed. Science relies on a ridged set of rules based on outdated theories. They have both had their time in the sun. Neither can solve the big questions. Ontological Mathematics does! This is where you will find ground zero! You are now standing on the edge of a choice in which there is no turning back. Do you take the red pill? Do you dare take the leap of reason?

Ad Astra

 This book is available now at the Hyperian links below and also on Kindle.

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